In 2014, childhood friends Scott Schnell and Neil Solomon, MD, first discussed an emerging frontier in health care — telemedicine.  Given their awareness of a rapidly aging population, rising health care costs and a looming shortage of homecare providers in our country, Scott and Neil recognized an opportunity to step in and make a difference.  Soon after, they co-founded MedZed, a Telehealth Company focused on the delivery of quality health care directly to the homes of patients with complex medical and social needs. As Scott explains it, “We founded MedZed with a mission to address the needs of high-risk patients who cannot easily visit their medical providers, thereby making them more prone to both frequent emergency room visits and hospital readmissions.” 


At MedZed we believe our model to bring health care into the home reaps many benefits, both in patient outcomes and in cost-efficiency.  These include the elimination of barriers that prevent people from traveling to appointments; enabling clinicians to understand how patients live and why they may be failing physically in order to identify approaches and best practices for adapting care; and reimbursement systems that reward keeping patients healthy and away from emergency room visits and hospital admissions. 


We continue to steadily grow and position MedZed as a leader in managing high-risk patients through our innovative telehealth solutions, and look forward to meeting the challenges in making tech-enabled home services a better and more cost-effective option within our healthcare system. Our passion to serve our patients, customers, associates and investors drives our behavior everyday as we strive to build a world-class organization that is recognized for its outstanding commitment to its constituents.