MedZed HouseCall 2.0®  — the next-generation house call featuringMedZed’s CareForce of Patient Outreach Specialists, Mobile Care Providers, Remote Primary Care Providers, Social Needs Advocates and Care Coordinators; ALL connected through MedZed’s proprietary CareTel MZ Telemedicine Technology Platform. 


A High-Impact Clinical Team...Bound By Technology


MedZed’s Patient Outreach Specialists locate and make contact with difficult-to-reach and hard-to-engage Patients with complex medical and social needs through outbound phone calls, home visits, hospital consultations and other methods to successfully enroll them for MedZed services and schedule their first HouseCall 2.0® visit.


MedZed’s highly-trained Mobile Care Providers (LVN, LPN, RN) operate our proprietary CareTel MZ Telemedicine Technology Platform to make HouseCall 2.0® visits to Patients in their homes and connect them in real time with our Remote Primary Care Providers; who direct the examination of the Patient and communicate next steps in their treatment.


MedZed’s Remote Primary Care Providers (MD, NP, PA) see Patients in real time during HouseCall 2.0® visits to treat acute and chronic problems, prescribe drugs, make referrals for needed services, and provide Palliative and Behavioral health care.


MedZed’s Social Needs Advocates assess the social and/or behavioral health of Patients and develop appropriate treatment programs to help Patients, family members and caregivers cope with the emotional aspects of an acute illness; including assistance in accessing local or other resources for transportation, housing, nutritional support, eligibility for financial aid, and more. 


MedZed’s Care Coordinators schedule follow-up HouseCall 2.0® visits, obtain pre-visit authorization forms and medical records, monitor the receipt of test results, support our CareForce clinicians in the field with real-time administrative assistance, manage referral authorizations and assist with scheduling, and coordinate care between visits to increase adherence to the Patient care plan and empower healthcare decision-making.


CareTel MZ is MedZed’s proprietary Telemedicine Technology Platform which integrates virtual patient care, patient engagement/CRM, scheduling, routing, care coordination, EMRs, and more.