About us

Today’s healthcare system demands high standards of patient satisfaction, quality outcomes, and affordability.

We developed a new model of Care and use telemedicine to bring the healthcare delivery system to patients who need it most.

MedZed provides next-generation house calls to individuals with chronic conditions by combining PCP’s and a mobile network of CareProviders, comprised of qualified nurses, paramedics and medical assistants, with its proprietary telemedicine solution.  Our MedZed CareProviders visit patients where they live and connect them in real time to our team of physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners through our proprietary Patient and CareForce Technology (PACT) logistics and telemedicine platform.  MedZed serves the frailest and sickest five percent of the population driving half of today’s health care costs.

Why MedZed? 

MedZed serves as the bridge between a patient and his health care team, utilizing proprietary technology and a national network of its own mobile CareProviders.  MedZed’s defining characteristic is the use of highly-trained, relationship-oriented mobile CareProviders (typically a nurse) that visit the home and serve as the connection point between the patient and his/her personal medical team (“CareForce”). 

We seek to establish a strong, trusting bond between its CareProviders and patients.  By assigning a primary CareProvider to each patient, he/she can reach out to the CareProvider directly rather than simply going to the hospital in the event of a problem that may occur either during or outside of business hours. 

MedZed’s scalable solution fits seamlessly into today’s new healthcare paradigm by bringing care to the homes of high-risk patients an advanced technology-enabled approach that offers clinical value and operational efficiency.  MedZed addresses common challenges to care models for this high-risk population.  

Our goals are to provide excellent medical care, unparalleled patient experience, and lower overall healthcare costs.