MedZed Physician Services is a medical practice that conducts house calls using a new telemedicine program.  We specialize in longitudinal care for chronically ill, frail and high-risk patients.  We work closely with the patient’s PCP and specialists to coordinate care and manage in-home services. 

Which patients are eligible for the MedZed program?  

Health plans select the patients who are eligible for the MedZed program, based on utilization and diagnoses. These patients are often home-bound or have difficulty traveling to the doctor’s office. Medically fragile patients recently discharged from the hospital may also be eligible for this home-visit program. MedZed works together with health plans and physicians to identify additional patients who would benefit from this intervention.

Each patient who is eligible for the MedZed program must agree to participate, and can opt-out. The program has no co-pay for patients.  

Why would I want my patients to be seen by MedZed? 

High-risk medically-fragile patients tend to consume significant amounts of time for your practice, often slowing down the clinical day and challenging your ability to see all of your scheduled patients on time. When MedZed sees these patients, your schedule is preserved and your patient-flow through the office will improve. We may also help you to close care gaps to improve quality scores.  

What can the MedZed physician do for your patient? 

The MedZed physician can clinically assess and diagnose your patient's health status. We prescribe, refer, draw blood, order other studies, speak with patients after hours, give flu shots, monitor for medication adherence, arrange for transportation, manage social services such as housing and food insecurity. We communicate with your office, and you can communicate with MedZed to request additional aspects of care for your patients in the program. You can receive a copy of the note for each MedZed encounter with your patient. We do not replace you as the patient's primary care physician. Rather, we are an extension of your ability to care for your sickest, most time-consuming and complex patients, particularly those who cannot routinely visit your office. 

How does the program work? 

MedZed nurses visit patients in their homes. The nurse performs care management services such as

  • medication reconciliation

  • self-management skills training

  • depression screening

  • fall risk assessment

  • home safety evaluation

  • advance care planning

The MedZed nurse then opens a live, Tapestry® video conference with a remote Physician or Nurse Practitioner. Our PCP conducts a history and physical examination with the assistance of the nurse, using a high-fidelity digital stethoscope and a high-resolution camera. Similar to a usual office visit, the PCP performs an assessment and plan, leading to diagnoses, prescriptions, referrals, patient instructions, and follow up interval.  MedZed also provides care coordination for patients to ensure follow through of recommendations and referrals, and to assist patients with social issues. 

Why would my patient want to be seen by MedZed? 

Patients who have difficulty traveling to regular office visits often welcome the convenience of an in-home visit. MedZed also provides care coordination, which is especially valuable for the patients we serve. Based on MedZed's experience, the patients in the program are very happy with the service and have better outcomes.