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Member Stories

Welcome to MedZed's Patient Stories Page! Here, we share the heartwarming and inspiring testimonies of our members whose lives have been positively transformed through our care. Each story is a unique journey of health, resilience, and the human spirit, highlighting the profound impact of personalized, in-home healthcare. From overcoming health challenges to achieving personal wellness goals, these narratives not only celebrate our members' successes but also reflect the dedication and compassion of our MedZed team. We invite you to listen and read these powerful accounts and join us in celebrating the incredible journey of health and healing.

Read What Our Members Are Saying

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Hear from Our Members

EM Patient Testimonial
RJ Patient Testimonial
SS Patient Testimonial FINAL
J Patient Testimonial
ETPatient Testimonial
Elle Testimonial
RC Testimonial

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Watch this MedZed Success Story

Watch as we follow our Community Housing Navigator on a visit with her member. Hear how their perseverance and trust in one another housed the member after ten years on the street. 

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