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Working together to Optimize Care

Meeting the complex clinical and social needs of your highest-risk members can be complicated, resource-intensive, and challenging. With growing imperatives to address health related social needs and provide a wider array of community-based services, it is critical for plans to implement cost-effective, scalable approaches for engaging underserved populations who drive disproportionate healthcare spend.

We partner with managed care plans to transform the delivery of care for high-risk members through innovative, sustainable, and compassionate solutions and to improve member health outcomes and reduce inappropriate utilization and cost. 

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Key Benefits

How it Works

• We collaborate with you to identify a target population, pinpoint their needs, and enroll them in the program that provides the right spectrum of support.
• Our field teams then find and work with these members one-on-one in their homes or communities. Supported by our clinical team, they address their unmet clinical and social needs by delivering hands-on medical care, and wraparound supports.
• On a regular basis, we deliver customized reporting and meet with you to share information, monitor progress, and enhance the program to best meet your needs.

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Referral from Partners
Outreach &
Assessment of Social & Medical Needs
with Providers & Health Plan
Care Plan

The MedZed Difference

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- 10+ years experience, exclusive focus on high-need, high-risk members

- 500k+ in-home visits completed, 30k+ members served in eight states


- HITRUST certified

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- Extra layer of support for members that does not disrupt plan’s existing provider network

- Strong collaboration with the health plan’s case management department and existing care team

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- Longitudinal social care services satisfy Medicaid Health Homes/Enhanced Care Management program requirements.

- Longitudinal clinical care services supplement plan’s provider network in underserved and/or rural areas.


- Accurate code capture document illness burden

- Customized interventions close critical care gaps

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