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Join our mission-driven team to make a real impact on your community

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MedZed delivers care to high-need members in their homes and communities. Medzedians build deep, trusting relationships with members to work with them to overcome barriers to health. We’re a group of passionate, patient, and persistent individuals who deeply care about the work we do!  ​

The MedZed team is comprised of people who interact directly in the field with members​

  • Community Health Workers​

  • Licensed Vocational Nurses​

And those who interact remotely with patients and support the field team​

  • Medical Doctors​

  • NPs, RNs​

  • Care Coordinators, Schedulers​

And those who support the patient care team​

  • Operational Support​

  • Admin/G&A

Everyone at MZ is deeply committed to bringing care to members who need it the most, even if they don’t interact with members directly.

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Our Values

What Our Team Says

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What We're Looking For

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At MedZed, we are dedicated to recruiting individuals who share our unwavering passion for the impactful work we do within the community.

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MedZed seeks individuals who embody unwavering persistence in their efforts to provide critical assistance to those in our community who need it most.

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MedZed is dedicated to recruiting individuals who exemplify exceptional patience and understanding in their commitment to aiding the members of our community.

Below are the core themes that our members say Medzedians embody. If they resonate with you- join our team!​

What Makes Us MedZed

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Trust at the Center

Everything we do depends on trust. It is what binds us with our members and each another and enables us to accomplish amazing things together.​

 It is our Superpower.

The personal connection is world changing…​

Until you trust a person and tell them what’s really going on, you can’t move forward.​

I trust my CHN; we are bonded.  I can share and be real with him. He’s brought out things in me I didn’t see and helped make me accountable to work on what I need to.

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Empathetic Relationships

We meet our members where they are. We build lasting connections with them and their families.​

We are in this together as fellow human beings.

I don’t feel alone; I feel like there’s someone who’s going to be with me, right by my side.​

I was having a lot of trouble in the hospital and with doctor appointments. My CHN made it all right and helped me a lot. ​

I was depressed but now I know I have a lot to live for. I’m positive and I’m ready.​

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Passion & Drive​

We are relentless and creative about leaving no option unexplored, no connection untapped to help a member. ​

We are determined to find a way.

Everyone at MedZed has over and beyond blessed me…​

You’d be amazed how many kindhearted people are at MedZed. They are always there to help me get what I need. They push the doctors and nurses to get things done for the patient. I can’t thank them enough for all their help, support, kindness, and giving.​

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Patience & Persistence​

We hang in there when others don’t. We keep supporting, checking in, encouraging, no matter how frustrating the path to better health might be. ​

We don’t give up on our members.

When everything is bad, I kinda shut down…but MedZed wouldn’t let me give up​

When I was applying for housing, they kept encouraging me, keeping me grounded. And they’re not like most.They don’t just get you something and drop you. They follow up, they still call you and check on you, they don’t leave you out to dry.​

MedZed’s got some really good people on their team.​

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Grounded in Community​

We hire from the local communities we serve. Many of us have lived experience of the access and care challenges our members face. ​

We get it.

It makes my heart so happy because I know what I received from MedZed…​​


I was your patient and so I understand how lonely and isolating it is to be sick. MedZed was so important to me, medically, psychologically, spiritually. And now, the fact that in my job at the food bank I can help your patients and provide food to them—I can’t even explain how glad it makes me.  

Read about the amazing work MedZedians are doing for our members and the community in our quarterly newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn.

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